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Market Evolutions

Markets evolve as elements change. Examples of changing elements are technology, user needs, resource supplies, competition, and other related markets.

Though people may not think of their interactions with markets as instances of ProxPatterns, they are, and as such can provide ongoing viable alternatives that help people deal with the changing markets.

Here are some examples of how people may use ProxPatterns in situations related to changing markets:
• People may realize the limits of any one asset or market strategy, and so have a portfolio of assets or strategies, to transition with the changes more smoothly.
• They may ride a trend, yet create links with the future by building reserves of resources.
• They may have intense ProxAwareness to discover changes or new trends, and then allow uncertainty by jumping into these new areas.
• They may avoid forcing change as they harvest a "cash cow" for the time being.
• They may apply skills or capabilities independent of the areas where they originally learned or used them.

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