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Giving a Presentation

You are going to give a presentation for a group of people. You're organizing what you want to say, and how you want to say it.

Although everyone there will have a different perspective on the situation you are discussing (rank depends), you want to connect to some of the things that interest them. You also know there are limits to whatever you say, partly because you'll never know all the things this audience considers critical.

You decide to expand your ProxAwareness by asking some of the people in the group a few questions before the presentation (connect independently). This way, you hope to honor some of their concerns and relate to a variety of people in the group. By getting more proximate with these members outside the main group, (group/ungroup), you hope to introduce related ideas in which they are especially interested. Yet you will still allow for uncertainty and involve the audience more actively by having several short question and answer sessions during the presentation.

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