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Involve Actively

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Key Points

How can you relate elements so they are actively involved or engaged?

To involve is to include an element in a proximity or situation, or perhaps to get people to experience or participate in a proximity or situation. To engage is to involve, or to create meaningful and/or useful contacts and connections between elements. To be active is to be energetic, vigorous, alert, or lively in relationships with elements. To make active is to make relationships between elements energetic, lively, working or operative. So, to involve actively means to involve or engage elements in active ways.

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Relate Other PPs
The ProxPatterns are an integrated group of related patterns for relating to situations. By the Limits of One, any single ProxPattern has limits. In your proximity or situation, how does this ProxPattern relate to others?

1. For your situation, in the proximity generally or more specifically in ProxSets,
2. Possibly in relationship with other PPs,
3. To help with the Core Idea,
4. How can you relate elements so they are actively involved or engaged?

Involve Actively often helps relationships be more dynamic and flexible.


• What elements should, could, or must be included? How can you enhance that inclusion? How can you increase the contact or connection?
• How can you better involve or engage an element, so that a relationship is more vital, dynamic, effective, cooperative, or rewarding?
• How can you help make someone's experience or participation more active, energetic, vigorous, functional or useful?
• Which elements in the proximity would benefit from being more actively involved? Less actively involved? What other ProxPatterns might help you make some changes?
• How could you be more energetic, vigorous, alert, or lively in your relationships with an element or elements in the proximity?

Involve Actively with ...


Job Interviews
An interviewer and an interviewee, since they are determining whether they will “fit” together for some time, must be actively involved in exploring their mutual interests.

Two people on a date often have more fun if they are actively involved in discovering ways they can relate to each other.

Snow Tires
Snow tires are a way of actively engaging the car with the snow. Their special tread is more actively involved with the snow than ordinary tread.

For more examples, see Combo PPs, Limits PPs, Pure PPs and ProxPatterns.

Key Points | Questions | Examples

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