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Key Points

How can you let elements be more proximate in physical, mental or other ways?

As with the term proximity, letting elements be more proximate suggests nearness which is broader in meaning than physical nearness. This means elements may seem close or near in their relationship to the proximity or situation. So you might try letting elements be or seem more near physically, mentally, emotionally, temporally, logically, conceptually, intuitively, historically, socially or in other ways.

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Relate Other PPs
The ProxPatterns are an integrated group of related patterns for relating to situations. By the Limits of One, any single ProxPattern has limits. In your proximity or situation, how does this ProxPattern relate to others?

1. For your situation, in the proximity generally or more specifically in ProxSets,
2. Possibly in relationship with other PPs,
3. To help with the Core Idea,
4. How can you let elements be more proximate in some way (physical, mental, emotional, temporal, logical, intuitive, historical, social, or any other way)?

Sometimes you can make elements more proximate by creating links or by connecting independently.


• How might the proximity or situation be changed by making some elements more proximate in some way?
• What people, cultural or social elements are in the proximity? What might happen if some of them were more proximate?
• What visible elements are in the proximity? What might happen if you made some of them more proximate?
• What mental or sensed elements are in the proximity? These could include many different elements, ranging from ideas to emotions to logical, intuitive, artistic, historical, scientific, business or strategic elements. What might happen if you made some of them more proximate?
• What spatial (related to space) or temporal (related to time) elements are in the proximity? What might happen if you made some of them more proximate?
• What elements or relationships need to be changed, adapted, discarded or created to allow other elements to be more proximate?

More Proximate with ...


When you collect books or music or anything else, you are making related elements more proximate. When things have something in common, it often helps to bring them closer together. Interesting or useful connections and relationships can occur.

Community can be created by letting people with common interests or activities become more proximate. Or even by letting people with diverse qualities become more proximate, when ways to bridge and manage differences exist.

A toolbox lets the related elements (tools) be more proximate (in the box). Then, when the tools relate to a situation, it is easy to let the related elements (toolbox and the situation) be more proximate (by bringing the toolbox to the situation).

For more examples, see Combo PPs, Limits PPs, Pure PPs and ProxPatterns.

Key Points | Questions | Examples

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