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Key Points

Related Patterns
As a group of related patterns, ProxPatterns (PPs) are valuable in relationship with each other. If one ProxPattern doesn't apply in a situation, another one probably does. Further, they often work together and play off each other to create some synergy.

Sometimes it is helpful to think of a ProxPattern along a dimension or line, with different degrees of it falling along that dimension. So you might consider using a little more or a little less of different ProxPatterns.

Key Points | Questions | Pairs | Synergy | Examples


In the following questions, "other PPs" means other individual ProxPatterns, which may be in the Combo, Limits or Pure groups. In your proximity or situation, how does your current ProxPattern ...
• Help you realize other PPs?
• Get helped by other PPs?
• Lead to other PPs?
• Follow other PPs?
• Work with other PPs?
• Play with other PPs?
• Combine with other PPs?
• Interfere with other PPs?
• Coexist with other PPs?
• Overrule other PPs?
• Get overruled by other PPs?
Relate to other PPs?
• Not relate to other PPs?

If a particular ProxPattern does not apply to your situation, others probably do. To find a new ProxPattern that relates, try the questions below. After you try them, circle back to the questions above to see how the new ProxPattern relates to other PPs.
• Consider a ProxPattern which seems like it might help. How does it apply?
• Choose a random ProxPattern or one you haven't tried yet. What ideas, possibilities or actions does it trigger?
• Pick a ProxPattern which you don't often use. How does it relate?

Key Points | Questions | Pairs | Synergy | Examples


To consider how pairs of ProxPatterns relate, choose two ProxPatterns and a relationship below. The result may trigger ideas, possibilities and options. Write down those that seem even a little promising and decide later.

In the proximity of your situation, how does ...


There are 3328 combinations of these three choices! Probably some will relate and others won't. In exploring the combinations, try choices which:
1) Seem like they might work,
2) Are random or untried, and
3) Are ones you don't often use.

[[to come - a tool which generates hint questions using your choices above]]

Key Points | Questions | Pairs | Synergy | Examples


PP Synergy
Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more ProxPatterns (PPs) to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Limits, Opportunities, Other PPs
Using the Limits of One and other Limits PPs (such as Never Know All and Value of Some), we see there are probably limits to the value of any one ProxPattern in the proximity of your situation. These limits may be tested, and may reveal opportunities and possibilities. But you probably need to also explore other ProxPatterns, as well as relate your use of ProxPatterns to each other.

Frequent Combinations
Some ProxPatterns (PPs) combine frequently. A few examples: The Value of Some often softens and moderates PPs, such as in allowing some uncertainty, and honoring the integrity of some elements. Greater ProxAwareness is needed with many ProxPatterns. The Limits of One frequently reminds us of the limits of how far we can push any one ProxPattern, but also may reveal opportunities and possibilities.

VIU Synergy
The three VIU ProxPatterns (Variety, Integrity, Uncertainty) are a potent trio, often working and playing together in ways which keep relationships going and keep things interesting and lively:
• If your focus on relating a variety becomes too great, you likely won't honor the integrity of some elements and will have too much uncertainty.
• If your focus on honoring integrity becomes too great, you may not allow enough uncertainty, and have trouble relating a variety.
• If your focus on allowing uncertainty becomes too great, you may not honor the integrity of some elements, or have some certain elements with which to relate a variety.
• So, some juggling, blending and dancing among the three VIU ProxPatterns (Variety, Integrity, Uncertainty) usually is both required and rewarding. The results can have what might be called some VIU Synergy.

VIU Hint with ...

[[more Synergy discussion to come]]

Key Points | Questions | Pairs | Synergy | Examples


Quick Example
In a conversation, you might need to honor someone's feelings or point of view, yet know that there are a variety of ways to react to the situation, and also allow for some uncertainty in how they might respond. Using and relating these three ProxPatterns may help your conversation.

A New Neighborhood (Relate the PPs)
Two people move into the same neighborhood, right next door to each other. Their initial awareness of each other ...

Examples - Other Sections
Examples on the main ProxPatterns page and the Combo PPs, Limits PPs, and Pure PPs pages also show ProxPatterns working in concert.

Key Points | Questions | Pairs | Synergy | Examples

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