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Quick Orientation
• You're in the User Area, with the full framework and tools (more about Intro and User Areas below).
This page is a guide to the major site areas.
• The home page of the whole site is at Home.
New visitors, please see New Visitors.
• To learn more about ProxThink in general, see Learn More.
• To begin using ProxThink, see the Start area.

Home Page
To leave the User Area and return to the home page of the whole site, click Home Page.

Intro Area / User Area
There are two major divisions of this site, the Intro Area (blue headings) and the User Area (green headings). You can move between them with the Go to User Area and Go to Intro Area links in the upper right of pages. The Intro Area provides site benefits, brief introductions, and the Join pages. The User Area includes the full ProxThink framework and tools. To begin using ProxThink, see the Start area.

Our User Area welcome page includes some motivation, an overview and potential benefits. Welcome!

The Start area lets you start quickly in your own way. There is a New Visitors page, and many other routes to learning and using ProxThink. Start here.

ProxThink Hints are custom questions using your input. Your Hints can trigger ideas, possibilities and options for relating to your situation. Try ProxThink Hints.

The Basics help us describe and discuss situations. Explore Basics.

The ProxPatterns are especially helpful for creativity, innovation and problem-solving. Explore ProxPatterns.

Growth Model
The Growth Model boosts collaboration and encourages growth for people who share a proximity. Explore the Growth Model.

The About sections include areas on interaction with you (including our Proxri Deal), our background, our future, legal issues and a site map. Explore About.

New Visitor? Now that you've read this Site Areas page, we recommend the rest of the New Visitors page.

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