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Business Lunch
You are meeting a potential client for lunch. The product you ...

Giving a Presentation
You are going to give a presentation for a group of people. You're organizing what ...

Conversation is almost constant change. Changes in topic, feedback, expressions, tone, timing, seriousness, playfulness, experience, goals, and so on. Using some ...

In negotiation, we become highly embedded in time and relationships. Various dependencies exist and changes occur in ...

Market Evolutions
Markets evolve as elements change. Examples of changing elements are technology, user needs, resource supplies, competition, and related markets. Though people may not think of their ...

Building a Bridge
The construction of a bridge involves many different changes. From ideas to designs to team meetings to the actual construction, many ...

A Rewarder
Jenny is a moderate user of the site resources, and has found it rewarding in both personal and professional ways. She has some personal resources and also influences some of ...

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Conflict Management
Let's say you've reached a stopping point with someone or some group. No one can ...

Limits PPs

You are planning a vacation. Some people wouldn't ...

Pure PPs

Giving a Presentation (Pure PPs)
You are going to give a presentation for an important potential client. You've been seeking ...

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