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Idea Implementation

Generation -> Evaluation -> Implementation

ProxGrowth and Growth Model
If your primary focus is implementing ideas, options and possibilities for your situation, use ProxGrowth and the ProxThink Growth Model.

Keys to Implementation
To implement is to put an idea, decision, plan or agreement into effect. Doing so requires some flexibility, adaptability, and growth as the implementation proceeds.

ProxGrowth is a general set of concepts which encompass the variety of relationships that are a part of flexible, adaptable and effective implementation.

Growth Model
The Growth Model promotes and helps manage the sustainable growth needed for flexible, adaptable and effective implementations. RelatePoints create links and starting points for better relationships. ProxMonitors enhance ProxAwareness for better relationships. Vadi Agreements relate a variety of parties and elements in the proximity, while honoring their integrity and allowing uncertainty. ProxRewards (proxri) can be an essential part of Vadi Agreements, and allow people to use ProxPatterns to improve relationships, proximities and situations with the Core Idea in mind.

Loop Back
If your ideas and options seem like they could be better, you might try Idea Generation or Idea Evaluation again.

Move Ahead
If your ideas and options seem ready to put into action, you might move on to creating RelatePoints, ProxMonitors, and Vadi Agreements, and encouraging the use of ProxRewards (proxri).

Generation -> Evaluation -> Implementation

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