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VIU Synergy

VIU ProxPatterns
Many situations can be helped if you use and combine these three ProxPatterns (PPs): Relate a Variety, Honor Integrity and Allow Uncertainty. We call these the VIU ProxPatterns (Variety, Integrity, Uncertainty). Together, they can generate VIU Synergy.

PP Synergy
Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more ProxPatterns (PPs) to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

VIU Synergy
The three VIU ProxPatterns (Variety, Integrity, Uncertainty) are a potent trio, often working and playing together in ways which keep relationships going and keep things interesting and lively:
• If your focus on relating a variety becomes too great, you likely won't honor the integrity of some elements and will have too much uncertainty.
• If your focus on honoring integrity becomes too great, you may not allow enough uncertainty, and have trouble relating a variety.
• If your focus on allowing uncertainty becomes too great, you may not honor the integrity of some elements, or have some certain elements with which to relate a variety.
• So, some juggling, blending and dancing among the three VIU ProxPatterns (Variety, Integrity, Uncertainty) usually is both required and rewarding. The results can have what might be called some VIU Synergy.

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VIU Synergy

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