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Dear Visitor

Dear Visitor,

ProxThink has been in development, in one way or another, for over thirty years. Some of the research and exploration has progressed while I've been in school, employed or run small businesses. But the writing and creating have required sustained, focused attention. In some years, it was a few weeks or months here and there. From 2005 through 2008, the development was pretty much full-time. Getting ProxThink completed enough to show people seemed both a personal priority and potentially valuable for other people.

Further, I'm not aware of, or haven't found yet, individuals or organizations willing to fund a project such as this which relates so many diverse areas, domains and ideas, and seeks to tie them together in an integrated system (see ProxThink Innovations).

I believe many of the benefits, uses and innovations of ProxThink will take off and blossom, furthering sustainability in diverse proximities and situations. It may not happen overnight. But perhaps on Internet time, it may not be that long. I need some people who believe in some of the benefits, uses and innovations of ProxThink. If you are one of those people, I need your help and various resources to take it to the next level.

More specifically, below are some actions, people, and money needed:

Actions Needed
ProxThink is run on our sustainable agreements, such as the Proxri Deal, IP Deal, Collaboration Deal and Terms of Use. These agreements allow people to access ProxThink sustainably, and help it grow and grow with it, each of which can help with the following needed actions:
1) If you're not already a member, please use, enjoy and get familiar with ProxThink by joining here.
2) Please help get the word out about ProxThink. I'd like to reach people in business, non-profits, schools, and many other areas. One way to share, bookmark or send an email to someone about any page is the "Share" button in the upper right. For a longer list of people and more details, see People We Want to Reach.
3) You may have connections, networks, skills, services, opportunities, products, knowledge, expertise, suggestions, and so on, which are valuable to this proximity. Please proxri with a ProxSet of your own choice or creation.

People Needed
Finding some of the people below is a priority. If you or someone you know might be a good fit, please let them know and/or let us know, as appropriate.
Legal Partners - For help with Proxri Deal, IP Deal, Collaboration Deal, Terms of Use, intellectual property, business form, releases, etc.
Management - Partners to help coordinate and manage growth, strategies, direction, marketing, advertising, activities, and so on.
Web Designers/Developers - Possible projects: optimize site for mobile, refine/update designs, create wikis, create/modify web apps, database development, blog support, etc.
Web Marketers - For assistance with search engines, ads, publicity, social networking, etc.
Growth Model Development Partners - People, businesses and organizations to collaborate with in deploying the ProxThink Growth Model in its various aspects, such as legal, logistical and technological, making it easily adaptable, adoptable and useable.

Money Needed
My current financial situation is precarious. I estimate I gave up making more than $2 million over the 30-plus years I've worked on ProxThink, so in effect, I've invested that much. As shown in my ProxMonitor, as of September 25, 2023, the total money proxri toward my monthly Sep. survival goal of $2,400 is $0, and my current startup debt is Moderate (Ask for Details).
1) Please proxri with money as a part of our Proxri Deal and/or Intellectual Property (IP) Deal.
2) Perhaps someone you know might be able to proxri with money.
3) If you or someone you know might be able to provide some larger funding, to refinance or retire debt, to provide a grant, to contribute towards marketing and development, or other possibilities, please contact David Loughry.

How can you get involved? Contact me here and/or join here and/or proxri here.

Thank you,
David Loughry
Founder of ProxThink

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