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ProxMonitor: Site - Snapshot

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This ProxMonitor is part of the proximity of our Proxri Deal. It is the ProxMonitor for the site project. David Loughry's individual ProxMonitor is here.

ProxMon: Site | ProxMon: David Loughry


Sustainability Status: Red
Major Factor: Financial Status

decent to good
caution and needs attention
critical and urgent

The major factor driving the red (critical and urgent) rating is our Financial Status. Please honor our Proxri Deal and proxri here to improve sustainability.

Updated Feb. 2, 2024

Sections (partial)

The three sections above are part of the full ProxMonitor. Once you join, you'll also find our data on usage, development plans, collaboration and our needs and wishes.


ProxRewards of Money are Needed
To cover our minimum monthly needs of $2,400
To meet our monthly goal of $4,000
To pay down our debt - Moderate (Ask for Details)
See below for our Funding Priorities

Focus Links: ProxReward | Proxri Deal | Growth Model

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Our perceived current state of ProxGrowth in several different proximities follows.

decent to good
caution and needs attention
critical and urgent

  • Content: Building on Site Possibilities
  • Our content on this main ProxThink site is in decent shape. We continue to build and work towards some of the Site Possibilities.
  • Financial: High-Priority Growth Projects
  • We have a few high-priority ProxThink-related growth projects. You can track progress on them here on the ProxThink River blog site.
  • Financial: Cash for Month
  • We have not met our monthly goal yet. We need ProxRewards, part of our Proxri Deal. For details, see Financial below.
  • Team: People Needed
  • Our initial development team (see Team and ProxMon: David Loughry) needs other people to help. See People Needed.
  • Legal: Need to Refine Approach
  • Some of our legal structure is in place and some of it is an experiment. We would like to find some innovative attorneys to work with, to refine our approach.
  • Management: Working on Network
  • Our management may soon become more complicated along with our growth. We are looking for people or people who might know other potential people.
  • Marketing: Beginning Efforts, Looking for Help
  • Marketing efforts are getting underway. We need some assistance with marketing and public relations. See People Needed.
  • Growth Potential: Designed for Life and Growth
  • We have designed the site, the ProxThink set of ideas, and related projects with an eye towards helping them have life and potential. We look forward to their future.

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Financial Status

February - 2024
Updated: Feb. 2
Actual Proxri (ProxRewards)
$0 - Survive - Towards February Minimum of $2,400*
- Thrive - Towards February Goal of $4,000**
Debt - Moderate (Ask for Details)

* Current minimum monthly operating expense, plus some debt repayment
** Amount needed to partially compensate for the thirty-plus year investment David Loughry made to create ProxThink.

This project is entirely funded by me, David Loughry, at this point. The debt figure above is the result of creating this set of ideas and website. My total investment over the years is much more. Please see this Dear Visitor link for more details about Money Needed and what we're asking you to do.

Funding Priorities
1. High-Priority Growth Projects
2. Ongoing Expenses
3. Marketing and Outreach
4. Site Development
5. ProxThink-related Projects

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