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The list below includes terms we are trademarking. For now, they are covered by our IP Deal.

We are developing some guidelines and Vadi Agreements for how people relate to the trademarks. The goal of the agreements will be to create ProxPatterns-related guidelines and agreements which are perhaps more useful, flexible and enjoyable than traditional trademark law. We anticipate some of these trademarks will become widely available and widely used in a variety of situations under these terms.

  • Trademarked Terms
  • ProxThink®
  • Proximity Thinking™
  • ProxPattern™
  • ProxSet™
  • ProxGrow™
  • ProxGrowth™
  • ProxRelate™
  • RelatePoint™
  • (r]™
  • ProxMonitor™
  • ProxMon™
  • ProxReward™
  • Proxri™
  • Vadi™
  • ProxPeople™
  • NeedsDoing™
  • BalancePeople™
  • VarietyPeople™
  • ProxThink River™
  • Proxearth™

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