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Shared Situation Guide, Workshops & Collaborations

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A group of people can likely improve a shared situation by relating more directly to the proximity of their shared situation and each other. The Shared Situation Guide can enhance this and teach this via mobile and/or desktop. You can learn and use the guide on your own or attend a hands-on workshop. You can also participate in ongoing collaborations which use the guide.

Shared Situations

You probably have some shared situations with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors or others. Your shared situation can be whatever your group is dealing with or considering. A shared situation might be a problem, challenge, opportunity, place, set of circumstances, something you're managing or working on together, and so on. With smartphones, we have new possibilities.

Quip and a New Approach

Often, the combination of people, places, things, ideas, feelings, relationships, groups and processes related to a shared situation can be difficult to get your arms around. We've used the Quip app, which helps people collaborate via iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac, as part of the sustainable proximities approach. This approach leverages technology and networks in a different way by applying the ProxThink growth model. The app and approach help your group relate more directly to the proximity of your shared situation and each other, which can improve your shared situation. This approach makes the proximity more of a tangible, living thing, and easier to relate to. It can also lead to greater sustainable variety. Not only that, it gives people chances to relate to the proximity in a wider variety of ways.

Shared Situation Guide — Use it On Your Own if You Like

The Shared Situation Guide is a set of linked Quip documents with explanations for using them. You can try them on your own, or attend one of our hands-on workshops (see next section). Click the link below to access the guide, which is offered on a proxri basis (part of our Terms of Use) as explained in the guide. To use it on your own or with your group, you'll need to sign into or join Quip, either on a computer or in the free Quip app. It may look like you need to join with a work team or work email, but you don’t. Small groups or groups with low to moderate activity don’t require paid plans, as long as you share documents rather than folders. You can use whatever email and name you prefer. If you don’t want to use your full name, you can put any first name and last initial. Note that when collaborating with the guide on Quip, other people you’re collaborating with will see only your preferred name on Quip, not your email address. Also, in the guide you'll find details about sharing it and joining the user community.
Use the Shared Situation Guide here.
(Or explore the Shared Situations website.)

Hands-On Workshops — In-Person or Online

In these hands-on workshops, you'll use the Quip app on your mobile and/or desktop with Shared Situation Guide documents you can keep and modify. We'll show you the ideas and processes, and use examples most people can relate to. You’ll try things and can ask questions as we go. Sometimes our workshops are given online, sometimes in-person, and sometimes both simultaneously. The workshops may have a minimum proxri (or ProxReward).

Sign Up for Workshops

Public Workshops — For more details and to sign up, look for upcoming public workshops on Eventbrite. To be notified of upcoming workshops you can also follow ProxThink on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Another option is to join our email list for workshops, sessions and live events.

Custom Workshops — To set up a custom workshop for your group or organization, contact us.

Ongoing Collaborations

We're planning some ongoing collaborations using the guide, which you can join and participate in whenever works best for you. Find out more about our ongoing collaborations.

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