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Brief Intro - Proximity

The proximity consists of elements related or potentially related to a situation, in physical, mental and other ways.

Green = Related to the Situation and Part of the Proximity
Blue = Potentially Related to the Situation and Part of the Proximity
Gray = Not Related to the Situation and Not Part of the Proximity
Note: As the green shows, elements don't need to be physically near each other to be related to a situation and therefore part of its proximity. There are many ways to be related.
E = Element
R = Relationship

Proximate elements may actually be close, like along dimensions of space or time. Or, proximate elements may seem close in some way, such as mentally, emotionally, logically, etc. So whether such elements are actually close, or only seem close, it makes sense to consider them as proximate since they make a difference in how we relate to our situation.

The proximity is flexible. We can often make some choices about what to consider related to our situation.

Since the proximity is flexible for a situation, and there are many situations, there are many proximities.

Some proximities may relate to multiple situations.

Examples, expanded definitions, key points, tips and questions available to members.

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