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Idea Generation

Generation -> Evaluation -> Implementation

Hints and ProxPatterns
If your primary focus is generating ideas, options and possibilities for your situation, use ProxThink Hints and ProxPatterns.

Hints - Specific
The Hints can trigger ideas and options for specific words (elements) you enter. The results may often lead you to try different words. Capture many of the ideas you generate without judging them, on paper or with your computer or PDA. You can start your Hints here, or at the top or bottom of any page.

ProxPatterns - General
The ProxPatterns can get you thinking about general patterns and concepts common to many situations. This can also trigger or help generate ideas, options and possibilities. A key part of ProxPatterns is how they relate to each other as a group, which can generate synergy.

Move Ahead
Once you have developed a number of ideas and options, you might consider their potential quality and value with Idea Evaluation.

Generation -> Evaluation -> Implementation

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