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In negotiation situations, we become highly involved in time and relationships. Various interdependencies exist, and changes occur in a number of relationships and elements.

Using and keeping ProxPatterns in mind can increase the chances of having viable alternatives as the negotiation proceeds.

You use ProxAwareness as you keep updating your awareness and appreciation of differences, elements, relationships, etc. Some junctures may require you to honor the integrity of your negotiating partner. Other points may seem right to allow some uncertainty as you try a new gambit, request, or style.

As you gain a greater appreciation for your partner's needs and resources, you can put together an offer which relates a variety of their elements and your elements.

You know there is no one right way for the negotiation to proceed due to the limits of one. You also remember how the importance of an element depends on each participant's sense of the proximity or their ProxSets.

In short, the ProxPatterns can help each party with the negotiation, a changing situation which is part competition, part collaboration, and in part a kind of dance or art.

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