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Several paradoxes can come up regarding ProxThink.

Thinking and Not
Several paradoxes involve how ProxPatterns can be useful although we may not think about them. We either don't know what they are, or even if we do, we don't think about our actions from that perspective. Even when we learn to use ProxPatterns consciously, once we get the hang of them, we may again stop thinking about them as they become more natural. Sometimes it is in situations where the going gets tough or confusing, or we get stuck, that thinking again more consciously about ProxPatterns may become beneficial. This may lead to the paradox below.

Better, Yet Still Unpredictable
Another paradox involves the unpredictable benefits of using ProxPatterns. When ProxPatterns are used, consciously or not, a situation is likely to improve. Yet the situation will often still be unpredictable in the following way: you often can't say or characterize ahead of time how that improvement might happen, or what it might be.

[[to come - How it helps to focus on the proximity, since we often don't. And it is sometimes easier to think of one element, such as proximity. Yet, even though the prefix "prox" appears frequently in ProxThink, the other three Terms (Situation, Element and Relationship) should share our attention in situations, with Proximity. Further, the definition of proximity includes the other three terms, so when we think about proximity we consider the situation and elements and relationships.]]

[[to come - a paradox involving using ProxThink very frequently. Can't force it, and too frequent use may lessen its value.]]

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